SIP Trunking

Did you know…

That most businesses relying on a traditional voice infrastructure pay for up to 50% more lines than they need – just to be safe?
Are you paying for regular analog phone lines when you don’t even know how many you need? Let us help you reduce your costs by 40% to 60%

SIP Trunking is the new standard in business phone service, designed to meet the requirements of Canada’s small, medium and enterprise companies

  • Replace costly PRIs and analog lines to and save on your costs
  • Benefit from an extended in-network calling area and pool the available capacity across multiple locations. One account- Many locations
  • Manage the same call capacity with fewer lines (or “channels”) turn up and turn down as needed. Never get a busy signal in or out!
  • Enjoy Capacity On Demand and accommodate any call volume by only paying for what you need, when you need it
  • Create a local presence and eliminate long distance charges by selecting local numbers in cities across Canada.
  • Make changes to your account instantly thanks to sophisticated online management tools

SIP Trunking is the preferred solution for organizations interested in unifying their communications, increasing their functionality and saving money that could be put to better use in your organization.

If you are a currently using a VOIP service but are interested in a New Trunking provider. A UniVoIP system has a solution for your organization or call centre. VoIP has many advantages over traditional telephony. This is especially true in contact center environment. It brings together cost savings.

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