Hosted PBX

What is a Hosted IP PBX?

Hosted PBX is a IP PBX located at the at the service providers data centre which has multiple internet connections and power redundancy to ensure your all systems stay up and working no matter what.

The client is able to connect multiple locations and remote phones to the Hosted IP PBX. This solution is the best solution for most small / medium size businesses that don’t want to manage servers and equipment onsite.

A hosted PBX allows the client to connect as many phones as they want to the VSP where bandwidth will not be a restriction on the network.

The VoIP quality of a hosted PBX would usually be as good or better than a regular PSTN telephone line.

With internet outage at any business location the phone system will still be able to receive calls and send the inbound calling to the extension of the user which intern could go to voicemail or have forwarding enabled to a cell phone.

This gives piece of mind that all calls will continue to route.

Is a Hosted-PBX right for your business?

Over the years we’ve helped many businesses like yours to realize the tangible benefits of our Hosted-PBX service. Mechanics, Doctors Offices, Real Estate Firms, Law Firms, Banks, Accounting Practices, Retail outlets, Distribution and Transportation companies and call centers, all have found that the capability of UniVoIP’s customized voice solution, to either meet or exceed their expectations.

Is a Hosted-PBX right for your business?

Is your PBX over 2 years old, or does it require frequent maintenance?

Does your PBX lack productivity features such as find-me, follow-me, voicemail to email?

Is your PBX nearing capacity? Do you have multiple sites that communicate over long distance?

Are your employees road-warriors with high phone connectivity needs?

Does your office require frequent phone moves or changes?

Do you have remote home workers locally or Canada-wide?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above, you should consider moving to a Hosted-PBX service from UniVoIP.

Who should use a Hosted-PBX System?

    • Startup companies thinking of upgrading their phone system (either full system, or components like voicemail or Line cards)
    • Companies thinking of upgrading their phone system (either full system, or components like voicemail or Line cards)
    • Companies with multiple locations
    • Small businesses with customer service desks, sales personnel and help desks needing to use the Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and avoid the high cost of IVR/ACD systems and maintenance
    • Companies that have temporary or seasonal offices
    • Companies with remote or home-based users that need to be a part of the company PBX
    • Companies looking to implement disaster recovery for their voice communications
    • Companies looking to change, upgrade, replace or install a phone system

Hosted PBX Features

Extensions Are Anywhere

Full Admin Web Controls

Auto Attendant

Call Park / Call Pickup

On-Hold Music

Cloud Based

Line Features

Included In All Packages

User Features

Included In All Packages

Caller ID
Call Waiting
Transfers (Blind / Supervised)
Call Forwarding
Call Parking
3-Way Calling
Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling (Canada / US)
Enhanced 911 Support

Voicemail to Email
Find Me / Follow Me
Location Agnostic Extensions
Local Time Zone Display
Direct Dial Phone Numbers
Toll Free Numbers

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